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Because of Covid-19

Soweto Academy has been closed since April under Kenya’s Covid-19 directive, but the effects of the school’s closure is having deep impact on the surrounding communities. Many students and families struggle for critical necessities including food, clean water, and shelter. Parents are unable to work and provide daily subsistence for their families. The Soweto team has been distributing fresh water to neighboring residents of Kibera.

Because of Flooding

Recent flooding due to heavy rains have destroyed numerous makeshift homes. Many families have been displaced, and the Soweto team has been trying to help these family rebuild their homes.

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Donate to Our Cause



The needs are too great, but together we can help. Please consider making a contribution to our GoFundMe campaign to help Soweto Academy and the community in Kiberia. With your donations, we can continue to provide clean water, bags of rice, and new homes for the struggling children and families in Kenya. It doesn’t take much, only a few dollars can make big difference.