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About Our Ministry

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Our Mission

The need for unconditional love, acceptance, and meaningful purpose in life is a shared human condition.  This creates an unobtainable longing in life, which leads us on an endless quest for the existential truth that will fill our void.


What we search for can never be found on Earth. Deep in our hearts, we all yearn to be reunited with our Creator. Jesus made the way for all of us over 2000 years ago.


The "Good News" for humanity still holds true today. Like all apostles, our mission is to be God's messenger of this news.


Therefore, we are committed to creating original Christian-themed content to share about God to those who engage in the virtual world.


We are internet missionaries spreading God’s message of hope and truth through multimedia works of art, including e-books, web comics and videos.

Our journey will not be by foot or by boat. Instead, we set off on a digital journey into the virtual world.

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