Meet Our Staff



Randa Yee

Konichiwa! I love anime, manga, and that lazy egg called Gudetama.  Besides my interests in Japanese culture, comics, and animation, I love God and most of all Jesus. My background is science, but I’m also enjoy theology. I’ve always had an interest in the narrative storytelling found in the Bible, especially anything written in “red”.  I’ve always wanted to illustrate and share my own story ideas with others because I think creative expression is pure fun.  |  Tel: 123-456-7890



Jonathan Wong

yoshee  |  Tel: 123-456-7890


3D Mpdeler

Ethan Wong

Modeling clay is my medium, and I love to sculpt miniature figures. If you look at my creations, you can tell I like cars, planes, trains, and a just about anything mechanical. God’s creativity inspires me to build. Although I’m not a carpenter son like Jesus, I do like to make biblical scenes in Minecraft. When I’m not building, I also enjoy speeding down the racetrack in latest Asphalt series, and down the hill on my snowboard.  I seem to also have a strange fascination with 3.14.  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

One of the Artists

Heather Davis

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Let your users get to know you.  |  Tel: 123-456-7890


Office Manager


I’m not quite the Otaku or the hardcore gamer as some, but I enjoy anime like Fate/Zero and cartoons like Young Justice. On my spare time, I also like to fence, bake yummy cupcakes, but most of all compose music. My favorite instrument is the harp, so I can relate to King David’s musical taste. As you can tell from my description, I like to have many creative outlets like drawing and story writing.  |  Tel: 123-456-7890


Illustrator/Story writer/Mentor


Konnichi wa!   I love anime, manga, and Japanese culture. But most of all, I love God. The Bible has always fascinated me, especially anything written in “red”.  


Animator/Web Designer




3D Modeler


Although I’m not a carpenter son like Jesus, I love to sculpt miniature figures. God’s creativity inspires me to build.


Music Composer/Illustrator


On my spare time, I like to fence, bake cupcakes, but most of all compose music. My favorite instrument is the harp just like King David. 


Comic Writer/Editor


I like noodles. I like candy. I like candy that look like noodles. If I'm not virtually diving deep, I’ll be stargazing. Despite how vast the universe looks, I know God has created a space just for me.


Editor/ IT Assistant


There's nothing like a good bowl of ramen and a soft pillow to snooze on. I’m a fan of  shonen too. The Bible is the only book that I won't edit. After all, didn’t you all see the warning in Revelations?


IT Consultant/Mentor


Comics and computers are my thing. I like it when we can be our uniquely creative selves. Given the trillions of things that exist on our planet, I think God oozes with creativity and wants us to be creative too!

Elizabeth Mascot.png

Illustrator/Story writer


I’m an aspiring manga artist and story writer.  I enjoy a good mystery, but nothing is more mysterious and exciting than God's plan for me.


Photographer/Script writer


Besides a good bowl of Moqueca fish stew, fantasy fiction is my genre. Magic and wizardry is fun, flashy and fake, but nothing beats the power of God.