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Our Story...

Back in 2015, a small family church in New Jersey planned a mission trip to bring medical supplies and funds to try to help rebuild a school.  Soweto Academy had been demolished to make way for a road without any plans to relocate the children. The idea for “ShepHeart Sheep” came about as a way to show God’s love to these children as they faced these trying circumstances. Old hands, young hands, and even clumsy hands sewed plush sheep as an effort to connect with these children. Over 200 sheep have traveled from the U.S. to Africa, bringing the Word of God with them. With God’s grace, Soweto Academy was able to rebuild their school better than ever.

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Soweto Academy is located in Kiberia, a densely populated slum located in the outskirts of Nairobi. The Soweto team lead by pastor Chris Okumu has been serving nearly 500 students and families who have limited resources.

Which inspired this story...


A Sheep's Mission

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