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Epostlenaut Multimedia Ministry Launch at Nextgen Church

August 2018

Lead by God and inspired by her children’s love of animation and clay modeling, the Children’s Director of Nextgen church envisioned a new ministry to address some of the current issues faced by existing churches today.

One issue is the growing trend of Millennials abandoning the church followed by the iGeneration being the least religious of them all. As youth attendance to church decline, their presence is now strongly found in the virtual spaces of the internet. Technology has created a new and uncharted world that our youth are heavily engaged in. Following the example of Apostle Paul, the idea of virtual missionaries to engage the virtual world was spawned. Starting a multimedia studio would allow existing church youth and young adult to be part of a new ministry that could utilize their artistic talents and technological abilities to create engaging content to reach their peers. One aim of this ministry is to make e-books, web-toons, manga, and animation that showcase our love for God in hopes of generating interests to the unchurched youth.

The second issue is related to the growing autism epidemic, which creates a population of unchurched families. Having two children with autism herself, the struggle to help her sons’ faith development and inclusion into church life was a real life challenge faced by the ministry’s founder. Her children’s learning and social limitations made it difficult as a whole for the family to attend sermons, fellowship gatherings and mission trips. On top of this, the growing concerns of unemployment within the autistic community was becoming all too real for her older son as he finishes up his last years of high school. Despite her children’s disabilities, they were both born gifted and intelligent, particularly in visual arts and technology. This led to the vision of harnessing their abilities for God’s work and gainful employment as graphic artists and web designers working for the ministry’s multimedia studio. Within this context, our members would also benefit from meaningful purpose, work within a community, and faith development as they learn about God while creating Christian-themed content together.

Without any prior experience in starting up at multimedia studio, our ministry founder is confident in God’s vision for reaching these two lost populations of the unchurched. Truly, if our ministry can succeed, all glory be to our GOD!


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