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Epostlenauts Back at NYComicon

October 2021

We were so happy to be back in New York City, and it was even more awesome to attend Comicon Thursday’s event. It was so good to see all the comic fans, cosplayers, gamers, and artists after missing out last year. I think this time was even more special because the pandemic taught us to appreciate what we have, and to just enjoy these moments when they come. Our day was spent taking photos with our favorite cosplayers. My all time favorite this year came from popular anime such as Demon Slayer, SAO and of course Naruto. There were plenty of photo ops with backdrops like Dragonball Z, One Piece or your very own Cherry Blossom Garden. After a long day of fun, food and fans, we took the NJ Transit back home. Looking forward to our next convention with the whole Epostlenaut team.


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